PSA Graded Cards Information

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PSA Graded Cards Information

PSA is an independent third party grading and authentication service. The opinion that PSA provides is the most widely accepted and utilized service of its kind among both dealers and collectors. We are authorized PSA dealers and can help you with buying, selling, or questions about how to submit cards yourself to PSA for grading. The quickest and easiest way to submit cards directly to PSA for grading is to join their PSA Collectors Club. For more info click one of the links below.

If you are looking to buy PSA graded cards go to our - PSA Cards for Sale Page Section.

If you are looking to sell PSA cards go to our - Buying Section or PSA GRADING INFO

When a card is submitted to PSA for grading, PSA authenticates the card, and then assigns a numerical grade to the card based on a 10 point scale. In addition to the numerical grade a qualifier may also be added when a card's overall quality is drastically reduced by an otherwise minor defect. Incorporating qualifiers into the actual grade will enable a person that is not viewing the card, a very good idea as to the overall quality of the card. Most people prefer to collect "clean" un-qualified graded cards. If you don't mind the particular defect that the qualifier implies, then the significant reduction in prices for the qualified card will be appreciated.

Ultimately the final and most important assessment of a cards grade is the final customer. PSA has been developed based on what the vast majority of collectors and dealers expect. It is up to you to determine if the card is acceptable to you, regardless of the grade. Our policy is, you get it, you like it, you keep it. If not, it can be returned for a refund or trade up to a nicer grade card.

PSA GradeTraditional Grade
PSA 10Gem Mint
PSA 9Mint

QualifierExample - Meaning
PD8 PD - An otherwise 8 quality card with manufacturer's printing defects that are too noticeable to allow for an un-qualified grade. Depending on the severity of the print defects, the card may qualify as an un-qualified 7 grade card.
MK8 MK - An otherwise 8 quality card which has had some form of writing or stray pen or pencil marks. A card with such marks would receive this qualifier regardless of the grade.
OF8 OF - An otherwise 8 quality card that has been printed with improper registration of the various colors, resulting in a blurry or out of focus picture quality. Depending on the overall appearance, the card may grade un-qualified at a lower grade.
ST8 ST - An otherwise 8 quality card that either has a stain of some sort or has severe toning not acceptable at that grade. The stain can be wax or gum on the front or back of the card. The stain can also be water, coffee, tea, etc. Depending on the nature of the stain the card could go un-qualified at a lower grade.
OC8 OC - An otherwise 8 quality card that has been cut too off-center to qualify for a "clean" grade. Depending on how bad the centering is, the card may receive an un-qualified grade at the next lowest grade which would allow for the centering measurement. The centering requirements for each grade are listed below.

PSA Grade Allowable Centering Measurement Range - Measured from the most off-center area. Front much more crucial than reverse. If your centering needs are stricter than what PSA allows, then it is a good idea to ask for a better description before purchasing any card.

PSA 10No worse than 55-45 to 60-40 on the Front and 75-25 Back
PSA 9No worse than 60-40 to 65-35 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 8No worse than 65-35 to 70-30 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 7No worse than 70-30 to 75-25 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 6No worse than 80-20 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 5No worse than 85-15 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 4No worse than 85-15 on the Front and 90-10 Back
PSA 3No worse than 90-10 on the Front and Back
PSA 2No worse than 90-10 on the Front and Back
PSA 1No worse than 90-10 on the Front and Back