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Always Buying - call Levi Bleam at 215-249-0976

We're always looking to purchase older baseball cards. We're primarily interested in Pre-1970 cards, with major concentration on pre-war, and 40's to 60's era issues. We're interested in all conditions, from POOR to MINT. We buy graded and ungraded cards. We're interested in large collections, small accumulations, sets, singles, and commons. If you're looking to sell your entire collection, give us a try. If you're just looking to sell a few cards, or have interest in upgrading or downgrading something n your collection, give us a try. We pay a very competitive price based on the condition and demand for what you're offering. We know what the good stuff is and will pay a premium for it. We also know what's not so hot and will pay accordingly. We're not looking to buy from you at a sub-wholesale level, then flip it to a dealer at a wholesale level, who will then flip it to a seller like us who will retail the cards. On larger cards or deals we can also sell on consignment if that's what you're looking for, either for retail sale or at auction. We have a large active customer base and know how to get top-dollar for your cards. Whatever you're looking to sell in vintage cards we'd have an interested in buying. If you have cards for sale simply email us a scan and the price you want. If you'd like to discuss the sale of something you have, please give us a call or email.