Complete Sets

All set prices and condition ranges are subject to change, availability, and customizing to your needs. Most sets are put together at the time of purchase and could vary in price and condition based on what you're looking for. We try to maintain a good supply of the cards needed to assemble the more popular sets but will sometimes run out of a few of the tougher cards needed to complete sets. Please email us to discuss your needs and check for current availability. A number of the older sets will contain some PSA graded cards. On some of the smaller sets in low to mi-grade, and something where we have a large selection of like 1952 Topps, we may be able to put together a set that has been completely PSA graded. The price will vary greatly based on the condition range you're looking for and the cards we have available in hand at the time, but if you're interested in something like that let us know.