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Who We Are

We've been full-timers in the baseball card business since 1988, specializing in vintage baseball cards in all grades. We travel to many of the larger shows across the country to buy, sell, and trade vintage cards. We're well known among most vintage card dealers and collectors for our expertise and inventory in vintage baseball cards.

We Are Buying

We're always looking to purchase older baseball cards. We're primarily interested in Pre-1970 cards, with major concentration on pre-war, and 40's to 60's era issues. We're interested in all conditions, from POOR to MINT. We buy graded and ungraded cards. We're interested in large collections, small accumulations, sets, singles, and commons. If you're looking to sell your entire collection, give us a try. If you're just looking to sell a few cards, or have interest in upgrading or downgrading something n your collection, give us a try. We pay a very competitive price based on the condition and demand for what you're offering. We know what the good stuff is and will pay a premium for it. We also know what's not so hot and will pay accordingly. We're not looking to buy from you at a sub-wholesale level, then flip it to a dealer at a wholesale level, who will then flip it to a seller like us who will retail the cards. On larger cards or deals we can also sell on consignment if that's what you're looking for, either for retail sale or at auction. We have a large active customer base and know how to get top-dollar for your cards. Whatever you're looking to sell in vintage cards we'd have an interested in buying. If you have cards for sale simply email us a scan and the price you want. If you'd like to discuss the sale of something you have, please give us a call or email.


Please take the time to educate yourself as to what you are buying, the things to look out for, and the person you are dealing with. In every area of collectibles there are people out there looking for bargain prices on highly desirable items. If you're shopping for bargains and aren't fully aware of all the warning signs to look out for you'll quickly find yourself in trouble. The nature of the internet makes it very easy for scammers to find you or you to find a scammer. Slow down, ask questions, and talk to people that are known and trusted in the hobby. The most important thing to remember is that nobody is giving away free money, particularly to you if you don't know what you're buying. Authenticity, originality, condition, and after the sale support are all much more important aspects to consider. We're well known in the hobby for being very knowledgeable regarding what we're dealing in. We've been full time in this business since 1988, and have no plans of doing anything else. Our goal is to help you with your hobby goals for many years to come. We're here to help you figure which direction to go, we're here when you're ready to start shopping around and consider buying things, and we'll be here years from now if you need help selling your collection. When that time comes it will matter quite a bit that you made the right decisions early on. That's one of the things we like best about buying and selling PSA graded cards. It makes the whole process easier for everyone when buying and selling. If as a novice you're buying professionally graded cards by a reputable company from a professional and knowledgeable seller you will have a very positive experience in the hobby.

Our EBAY Listings

We list cards on Ebay for sale and auction. Click the links to view our listings.

PSA graded cards -  www.707sportscards.com

Ungraded cards -  www-707sportscards-com

PSA - Professional Sports Authenticator

PSA is an independent third party grading and authentication service. The opinion that PSA provides is the most widely accepted and utilized service of its kind among both dealers and collectors. We are authorized PSA dealers and can help you with buying, selling, or questions about how to submit cards yourself to PSA for grading. The quickest and easiest way to submit cards directly to PSA for grading is to join their PSA Collectors Club. For more info click one of the links below.

For information about getting your cards graded click here - PSA GRADING INFO

If you are looking to buy PSA graded cards go to our - PSA Cards for Sale Page Section.

If you are looking to sell PSA cards go to our - Buying Section or PSA GRADING INFO

For info about what PSA grades mean - PSA Grades Information 

Ordering Information

We accept all major credit cards through our secure server links below, personal checks, business checks, certified checks and money orders. The order is shipped when we have verified payment. With guaranteed funds this is usually the same day you place your order. Credit card orders will be shipped to the card holder at the billing address of the credit card or to an alternate approved shipping address on file with your credit card company. All information is verified and discrepancies may result in a delay in processing or cancellation of the order. If you are in a hurry to receive your item please make payment by a method that expedites processing. We ship in a way that provides protection to both of us from damage or loss. We primarily use Certified Mail by 1st class or Priority Mail, or Fed-Ex depending on the particular order. Our normal charge for the typical sized domestic delivery ranges from $4.00 to $7.50 depending on how we ship based which is based on the value of the item. All shipments are insured for loss or damage through a private policy we have with Collectibles Insurance Agency. If you will be mailing payment, please confirm availability and/or price before sending payment, especially when it comes to something unusual. Pennsylvania residents must add 6% PA state sales tax to the total cost of their order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our return policy is - you get it, you like it, you keep it - if not send it back. It can be returned for a refund, exchanged for something else, or credited towards an upgrade to a higher grade card. Whatever you would like to do. We encourage people to request high quality scans and ask any questions important to them in order to keep the need for a return to a minimum. We do not refund the delivery fee for this type of return. We have very few returns because of the nature of what we deal in and people knowing what to expect.


Website Card Order Form

Show Schedule - 2020 Buying & Selling at Baseball Card Shows

We will be setting up at the following shows. If you are from the area and are interested in selling your older sportscards please stop by. If you are looking for something in particular and want to make sure that we bring it along if we have it, give us a call or send us an Email - levi@707sportscards.com


We sell the zippered security "body bags" for overnight storage when setting up at shows. If you'll be attending the show and would like to buy one please let us know prior to the show so we can be sure to bring one along.

You may also order one by clicking here.

Show Schedule - 2020 Buying & Selling at Baseball Card Shows

March 13 - 15

Rosemont, IL - Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular - https://chicagosportsspectacular.com/

April 17 - 19

Wilmington, MA - Shriners Auditorium

Hollywood Collectibles - Rich Altman - 800-844-7735 - https://hollywoodcollectibles.com/pages/upcoming-shows-and-events

July 29 - August 2

Atlantic City, NJ - Atlantic City Convention Center

41th Annual National Convention - http://nsccshow.com/


Wilmington, MA - Shriners Auditorium - GBSCC

Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club - Information - http://gbsccconvention.com/

November 20 - 22

Rosemont, IL - Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular - https://chicagosportsspectacular.com/

707 Sportscards Ltd. ~ Box 707 ~ Plumsteadville, PA 18949
Phone - (215)766-9700 ~ Fax - (215)766-9800 ~ Email - levi@707sportscards.com
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