Mickey Mantle Museum Book Special - 4 Books - $50.00 - U.S. orders ppd.

Neil Robert Sakow is owner and curator of the American Dream Museum in West Hartford CT. A life long Mickey Mantle fan, his comprehensive collection of Mickey Mantle memorabilia and collectibles is among the finest in the hobby. If you are a Mantle collector, many of those rare items that you've never seen before can be found in these books. The books contain B&W pictures of many of the rare photos, product endorsements, and rare sportscards contained in his collection. The covers are in color and are pictured below. Click here to order.

Black Book - 8x10 - 190 pages  ~  Red Book - 8.5x11 - 72 pages


 Blue Book - 8.5x11 - 80 pages  ~  White Book - 6x9 - 20 pages